How to submit assignments? (in general)

For each assignment, you will be required to submit two packages unless specified otherwise: your code and your webpage:

Submit code to Canvas

For every assignment you should create a that can be used to run all your code for the assignment, and a file that contains all required documentation. Place all source code used to generate your results, as well as any documentation required to use the code, in a folder named andrewid_code_projX where X is the hw number. Zip the whole folder and submit the zip to Canvas. Here is an example of your folder structure:

## zip the whold folder to

Submit your webpage to the class website

We will use Andrew File System(AFS) to store and display webpages. Here is a step by step tutorial:

  1. Place your website under folder projX and zip it. Please make sure that your main report page is called index.html so browsers open it automatically. X is the hw number.
  2. Remote Copy. Use WinSCP or your favorite scp/ftp tool to copy all your files to your Andrew home directory scp
  3. Log in to a Unix Andrew machine: ssh
  4. File Transfer. Unzip your website and copy the folder to your project directory: cp -r projX/ /afs/ The folder structure should look like this:
     # suppose you are at /afs/
  5. Publish. The course website needs to be refreshed with your updated files. Do that by going here, choosing web pages for a course, and inputing 16-726-sp23.
  6. Last step, test your page by visiting: `


  • Remember NOT to use any absolute links to images etc, as these will not work online. Only use relative links.\
  • Note that 16, 726-sp23 is connected by - in URL while your folder is 16/726-sp23/
  • Do not try using WinSCP/scp or similar to copy directly from your laptop to your class project directory as you don’t have the credentials.
  • Afs gets unhappy if your quota is full. Run fs quota to see the percent used; if it’s close to 100 percent, delete things (java and matlab dumps, large tif’s…) before trying the copy again.
  • Your project directory is linked to your Andrew id; if you use a CS computer (*, and run into trouble, try the instructions above, using an Andrew computer to hand in your work.
  • If you have problems with images not appearing on your page, check that 1) filenames match your html files (e.g. .JPG vs .jpeg). 2) relative path is used from the correct root directory.
  • Please contact TA if there are problems.

What to submit for hw0?

Make sure you have tested the above steps and please:

  • Change the index.html file created for you at /afs/ Be creative!
  • If you are not familar with html/css, this is a good time to start learning some of the basics. w3schools has some basic tutorials.