Your final grade will be made up of:

  • Five homework assignments (65%).
  • Final project (25%).
  • Course presentation (10%).

Homework assignments & Lateday policy: students will be allowed a total of five late days per semester; each additional late day will incur a 10% penalty. For each assignment, students need to build a website describing the results and submit the source code to Canvas. The code should be easy to run by Tas.

Final project (2-3 people per group):, students are required to build a website describing the results and algorithm of the final project. A final project presentation is also needed.

Course presentation (1-2 people per group):, students will choose one paper from the suggested readings and present it to the entire class (feel free to reuse the slides available online but please credit it accordingly). If other students have questions about the paper, the presenters need to answer questions in the Q & A session (live) and on piazza (online).

Academic Integrity & Collaboration: Students are encouraged to discuss the assignment with peers, but each student must write their own code and submit their own work. If your work benefits from another student’s discussion or idea, please credit it on your website/README. You absolutely should not share or copy code. Additionally, you should not use any external code unless explicitly permitted. Plagiarism is strongly prohibited and will lead to failure of this course.